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“Christian education is so much more than just a school.” - Dr. Cy Smith. In this month’s podcast episode of Clearly Christian with Dr. Cy Smith, we are joined by Dr. Larry Taylor. Dr. Taylor is the president of ACSI, the Association of Christian Schools International, which is one of the largest Christian school organizations in the world. The issue discussed in this week’s podcast is how American education leaves out Christian views and how Christian parents are missing the big picture that is Christian education. Dr. Smith addresses the concern over losing our Western Christian heritage because today, fewer and fewer people are following the biblical way of living and acting. Many well-intentioned Christian parents are questioning their decision to send their children to government schools to be missionaries, when in reality, they are becoming targets. This is causing a higher dropout rate within churches and shows just how little say parents have in the education system. It begs the question, “Are we giving up?”
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What are we teaching our children?: The difference between truch and curriculum

“Kids live with this split between facts and values, and all religion seems to be pushed into the values domain.” - Dr. Cy Smith In this month’s podcast episode of Clearly Christian with Dr. Cy Smith, we are joined by guest speaker Jeff Keaton. Jeff is the founder and CEO of RenewaNation whose mission is to give millions of children a more biblical worldview. Dr. Cy Smith and Jeff Keaton dive into the curriculum problem in public schools. Children are being introduced to the “false truth” of socialism, gender discrepancies, and so much more. In today’s society, children are learning that they may identify as any gender or category no matter what their born biology indicates. Which is more important? A Christian teacher using non-Christian materials to instruct your child, or perhaps a non-Christian teacher who taught from Christian curriculum…or using materials filled with biblical truth?” It’s a question many families know the answer to, but feel helpless to do anything about. However, the ramifications of ignoring the situation are dire. "Students will adopt the worldview that's presented in front of them in the classroom,” says Dr. Smith. “That's what they study. And after decades of instruction, that's devoid of any biblical truth.”
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Education is a Parent's Responsibility

“Regardless of where your child attends school, being an involved parent is not an option” - Dr. Cy Smith When your kids go off to school, does that mean you can wash your hands of what happens between then and the time they come home? The thought seems silly, but is there a little bit of you that questions if that is what you are doing? I understand and there is growing evidence that most parents in the U.S. have no idea what their children are learning in school. Schools have taken the lead in what they teach, how they teach it, and what defines success. Make no mistake, this approach by many schools does not let you off the hook as a parent. Your child’s education is your responsibility, and the buck stops with you.
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Conviction, Belief, and Why It Matters in Education

In this unique episode, Dr. Cy Smith is not only the host but also the guest in an episode of the Purpose Under Pressure podcast. It's an amazing opportunity to peek under the "Clearly Christian" hood at what drives Dr. Smith to do what he does, on the mission to which he has devoted his life. Dr. Cy Smith is convicted, as you'll hear in his responses to Purpose Under Pressure podcast host Bryan Lefelhoc. Now you'll know more about why Convictions matter, why it matters what yours are, and how you need to never underestimate what God can do when your convictions are His.
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Leadership and the Biblical View

Leadership is one thing. Leading in the right direction is something different entirely. The fact is that our kids have the confidence and the desire to lead and impact our culture. Now, it’s up to us as parents, educators, and church leaders to educate this generation in a biblical worldview. That’s how we must best lead future leaders. Lyle Wells, President of Integrus Leadership is Dr. Cy Smith's guest on this episode. Confidence, Consequences and Intentionality are just a few of the topics we discuss, along with the best ways to ensure our kids are prepared to lead into the future, in the direction that God intends.
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Suddenly Last Summer

Suddenly Last Summer , blog, Dr. Smith
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Student enrollment is up 30% in the last two years at MCS!

Student enrollment is up 30% in the last two years at MCS! Blog
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Christian Education
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Proceed With Caution

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Private School, Homeschool, or Public School? Rethinking Education in 2020

Private School, Homeschool, or Public School? Rethinking Education in 2020
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Can Your Child Defend Their Faith in Christ?  Three Ways We Can Help at MCS

Can Your Child Defend Their Faith in Christ? Three Ways We Can Help at MCS
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IMPACT 2019-2020: Start Here, Impact the World

IMPACT 2019-2020: Start Here, Impact the World
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