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We Are Better Together

Experience the embrace of a learning community that cherishes your child’s growth in spiritual and academic development at Mansfield Christian School.


Home. Church. School.

Imagine the incredible impact on your child’s life when the school shares and strengthens the same values as home and church. We work better together to create a stronger connection to the presence of Christ in your child’s achievement of academic excellence and faith formation.


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We are preparing future generations to achieve their full potential consistent with a Christian worldview. Our school develops students’ talents and skills necessary for success in the 21st Century while simultaneously nurturing their strength in faith to incorporate Jesus Christ fully into their lives.

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We honor the Scriptures’ calling to dedicate ourselves to raising Godly children despite the constant changes of cultural expectations that often challenge our devotion. To fortify our students’ faith, we transition children from salvation to discipleship in our Student Discipleship Plan through clearly defined areas of spiritual focus at appropriate grade levels.


In the face of modern distractions that seek to pull Christian children away from the glory of Jesus Christ, we train future generations with a defensible Biblical worldview to lead their life pointed faithfully toward Him. Partnering with parents and churches, together we create a better fusion of academic success and spiritual development, able to saturate our culture and make an impact for Christ, despite any messages to the contrary. We develop future Christian leaders by engaging in discipleship experiences that come through education so they will continue to meet the world and succeed from calling to college and career.


Clearly Christian Podcast with Dr. Cy Smith

 The Clearly Christian with Dr. Cy Smith podcast is designed to help to Know More about the way your children are being educated, so that you can say NO MORE to the same. Dr. Cy Smith interviews leaders in the Christian Education field in order to help you learn what is happening in our schools, and to our children.

This podcast will help you to realize that you are not alone, though many will make you feel that way. Or, it may serve to awaken you to what is happening in government education and to your family, and give you the conviction to do something about it.

Listen to new and past episodes of Clearly Christian podcast with Dr. Cy Smith here!



Mansfield Christian opens new entrance to athletic addition

August 21, 2023

Mansfield Christian School opened its new athletic entrance addition on Friday. Mansfield Christian recently completed a new 7,000 square-foot- addition and renovation which included a new entrance to the high school gym, handicap-accessible restrooms, larger concession stand and lobby, and renovations to offices and storage areas.

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Former MCS Student Uses Experience From Manufacturing Day for Employment

August 17, 2023

Steve Cummins of Mansfield Engineered Components said high school students are often shocked to find out all the things that are made right here in Mansfield. Mansfield Engineered Components, the company Cummins co-founded with his brother Bruce, have worked to remedy this by hosting student tour groups for almost a decade as part of Manufacturing Days. Students from Richland, Ashland and Crawford counties will visit local manufacturers during this year’s Manufacturing Days on Oct. 5 and 6. “One of my employees is from manufacturing days, so I’m fully invested. It paid off, it works,” say Jeff Miller, president of Miller Fabrication & Welding. “It was all because I said, ‘When you’re ready to work, if you need a job, you come find me and I’ll either give you a job or find you a job.’ And he showed up.” That employee is Bryce Courser, a 2022 graduate of Mansfield Christian School. Courser didn’t know what he wanted to do when he toured Miller Fabrication & Welding as a junior in high school, but he remembered Miller’s offer years later. After graduating, Courser studied welding at the Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center. Then he contacted Miller, who hired him about five months ago.

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Mansfield Christian School accessible for all: HB 33 ignites surge in applications

July 17, 2023

House Bill 33, Expanded Ohio Ed Choice, Regardless of where you live, your family income, or the report card of the local school district. Sending your children to a private school is now an option for everyone. Families with income at or below 450% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or a family of four with a total household income of $135,000 is eligible for the maximum amount. Families with incomes above the 450% qualify at a prorated amount.

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Affordable Education for All: Ohio's New Legislation Makes Private Schools Accessible

July 17, 2023

Thanks to the passage of new legislation in Ohio, private Christian education is now affordable for every family in the state. With comprehensive financial aid available to families with incomes up to 450% of the Federal Poverty Level, Mansfield Christian School (MCS) urges interested parents to apply for admission now, as the school can only accept 100 more students across grades K-12 for 2024.

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Conviction, Belief, and Why It Matters in Education

July 11, 2023

In this unique episode, Dr. Cy Smith is not only the host but also the guest in an episode of the Purpose Under Pressure podcast. It's an amazing opportunity to peek under the "Clearly Christian" hood at what drives Dr. Smith to do what he does, on the mission to which he has devoted his life. Dr. Cy Smith is convicted, as you'll hear in his responses to Purpose Under Pressure podcast host Bryan Lefelhoc. Now you'll know more about why Convictions matter, why it matters what yours are, and how you need to never underestimate what God can do when your convictions are His.

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Leadership and the Biblical View

June 20, 2023

Leadership is one thing. Leading in the right direction is something different entirely. The fact is that our kids have the confidence and the desire to lead and impact our culture. Now, it’s up to us as parents, educators, and church leaders to educate this generation in a biblical worldview. That’s how we must best lead future leaders. Lyle Wells, President of Integrus Leadership is Dr. Cy Smith's guest on this episode. Confidence, Consequences and Intentionality are just a few of the topics we discuss, along with the best ways to ensure our kids are prepared to lead into the future, in the direction that God intends.

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New Ohio legislation just made private education affordable for all!
MCS is seeing a surge in demand from Christian families, and there are limited openings left in 2024.

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