Mansfield Christian School: We Are Better Together - Mansfield, Ohio


Mansfield Christian School: We Are Better Together


Home, church and school:

These are the three most important influences in your child’s life. When they support and align with one another, everyone is “better together,” amplifying your child’s potential for success.

Mansfield Christian School connects the dots among academics, faith, and family in an atmosphere dedicated to your child’s learning and spiritual development.


Private School, Homeschool, or Public School?

Rethinking Education in 2020 


Every sector of society has been impacted by the fallout of COVID-19 and education is no exception.  Forced to homeschool their children for over two months, with or without the direction of an online teacher, many parents are rethinking their educational options in 2020 as they contemplate what may be the best decision moving forward for their children. 

Parents want their children to learn and experience success, both in the learning process and long after graduation. Which option gives my child the best chance for success? Which form of education best reflects the values of our family? As Christian parents, does the Bible give us any direction here? 


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 Annual School Banquet


Follow Christ, Lead the Way 


The Lord clearly directed the event, and our success would not be possible without His blessing. Testimonies regarding the influence and effectiveness of Mansfield Christian School and its leadership were provided by seniors Kristin Kaufman and Christian Shepherd, Pastor Dave Vance of Crossroads Church, and Mrs. Tera Myers. The worship music led by Image showcased the tremendous talents of our students.  Click to watch our video featuring the banquet highlights! 


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