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Mansfield Christian School: We Are Better Together






COVID-19 Update: What You Need to Know

Parents and Students,

Please take a few minutes and listen as I address what is happening Academically, Socially, Financially, Spiritually and Emotionally at MCS.

Parents, again we are praying for you and stand ready to help as we can. We pray that as a result of this time we become even stronger and closer as a school family. We pray that you experience first-hand the value and power of a Christian Education. May God protect us and keep us in His care.

Dr. Smith, Superintendent

Dr. Smith, Superintendent of MCS with COVID update



Stay close to Jesus!

Dear MCS Families, Congratulations, you’re now a proud homeschooling parent!   Whether you are stuck in disbelief, sadness, anger or have accepted this new normal, my advice to you as the Independent Studies Director for Mansfield Christian is this: Stay close to Jesus and maintain your sense of humor. As Christians, we are called to be a “living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1).  We follow Christ’s example and “look not only to our own interests but also to the interests of others” (Philippians 2:3).  Now as a quarantined, home educating, and quite possibly working parent, a deeper meaning of this “pouring out” is being revealed. 
In order to pour out, you must be filled up.  We are broken cisterns, cracked and leaky. Christ will always need to pour into me more than I am able to pour out to others.  Ecclesiastes tells us there is a “time to weep and a time to laugh”. God placed those two actions in chapter 3 together for a reason and they often go hand in hand.  This has not been easy, and we are not done. Stay close to Jesus and maintain your sense of humor.   
Did your elementary Spirit Week include Meltdown Monday?  Would you like us to add AP Dishwashing to your high schooler’s transcript?  If anyone finds you talking to yourself, you now simply tell them you are having a parent-teacher conference.  Stay close to Jesus and maintain your sense of humor. With Jesus and a little humor, we can do this together,  BETTER TOGETHER.   -  Paige Them


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