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Dr. Cy Smith October 23, 2023

“Christian education is so much more than just a school.” - Dr. Cy Smith

In this month’s podcast episode of Clearly Christian with Dr. Cy Smith, we are joined by Dr. Larry Taylor. Dr. Taylor is the president of ACSI, the Association of Christian Schools International, which is one of the largest Christian school organizations in the world. The issue discussed in this week’s podcast is how American education leaves out Christian views and how Christian parents are missing the big picture that is Christian education. Dr. Smith addresses the concern over losing our Western Christian heritage because today, fewer and fewer people are following the biblical way of living and acting. Many well-intentioned Christian parents are questioning their decision to send their children to government schools to be missionaries, when in reality, they are becoming targets. This is causing a higher dropout rate within churches and shows just how little say parents have in the education system. It begs the question, “Are we giving up?” And this is where Dr. Cy Smith makes his point, “Christian education is so much more than just a school.”

Christian Schools are Biblical Worldview Training Centers

“Kids not only learn to see the world from God's perspective and understand what he wants them to know, but they say see faith embodied in the daily lives of the men and women who have been called to serve there.”

It will take Christian home, church, and school working together to transmit our Christian heritage to the next generation.

“You know, the 21st century is simply too complex, and the knowledge is too broad for any one group to succeed doing this on their own. Each group's got to realize a healthy partnership for the sake of our children.”

We are still a nation at risk.

“There is a war raging for the hearts and minds of our children and we're at risk of losing. As our guest today has said, and I've heard him say on several occasions, this is the greatest opportunity that we've ever had to impact our culture. So, we have to act with conviction.”

Dr. Taylor explains his excitement for Christian education, even as the world becomes more secular. He explains “as the culture gets more secular, it actually exposes the importance of discipleship and the importance of preparing our kids, running with the horses.” He then goes to mention how Christian parents have done a great job preparing their children for the “safe spots”, but nothing beyond. Dr. Smith attests to this point and explains, “If you're spending an excessive amount of time preparing kids for the safe spots, you're probably missing what God's called you to right now. And there's a place for that, especially when they're young, but immediately in those years after they've become a Christian and they've gotten to know the Lord, let's get that discipleship training up. Let's take it up another notch because there's not too many safe spots out there anymore.”

Another issue that Dr. Taylor brings up is an “accelerated attack on identity.” Today, children are having trouble finding their identity through sexual orientation and gender identities. And who’s fault is that? But children already have an identity, don’t they? Before children begin to think of those concepts, it is important to make sure that they “focus on their identity being in Jesus Christ.” And once again on the Clearly Christian podcast, we are reminded that “We are in a war” for the hearts and minds of children. Dr. Taylor joins Dr. Smith in a call to arms for our children’s future, by instilling a biblical worldview and the ability to make decisions based on God’s word, not that of society. It is important to “Know more” about today’s culture and the education system to help Christian parents understand how important Christian education is for their children. Whether that be in a classroom or at home, Christian education is essential to in the future living through a biblical worldview.

For more information about Dr. Cy Smith, about the Clearly Christian Education movement, and the podcast, click on Clearly Christian If you’d like to join the movement with partnership, funding resources, or ways to impact your own region's Christian Education opportunities, contact Dr. Smith today at 419-756-5651, ext. 218.

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