Why MCS? - Mansfield Christian School, Mansfield, Ohio

At MCS, we welcome families and churches as partners in fulfilling our core mission, to teach solid academics rooted in a biblical worldview.

We are better together, linking arms to walk our future generations on the path with Jesus to guide them in their spiritual formation synchronous with academic excellence.

Our caring environment starts with educators committed to our vision to develop a Biblical worldview who embody the curriculum, demonstrating the values every day that your children will recognize from home and church. From your arms to ours, we will embrace your children into a caring Christian environment that will pursue excellence in everything.

Together, we envision our partnership will launch a legacy trained to live a life consistent with a Biblical worldview as they excel in their endeavors.

Why MCS?

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Partnership in Families

We team with Christian families and their churches in educating their children.

bibical worldview

Biblical Worldview

Scripture is the revealed Word of God and is taught as Truth.

caring christian educators

Caring Educators

The teachers are the living curriculum and provide exceptional care for every child.

spiritual formation

Spiritual Formation

We equip and inspire each student to live and serve as a spiritually mature follower of Christ.


All-Around Excellence

The pursuit of excellence underlies all that we do academically, creatively, and athletically.

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My parents understood that education was a responsibility before the Lord and incumbent upon them to grant a Christian Education, and thankfully, they chose MCS. As a student and now as an educator at MCS, I am a product and a champion for a Christian education that follows the principles of teaching and learning from God’s perspective. We are resolute in our dedication to do what we do best – driven by our passion to teach the truth, we provide exceptional care for every child. I have felt this care first-hand, and I give thanks to our Lord every day that I am able to continue with MCS and provide this for your children.

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From our origin as a small basement school sixty years ago, we have bloomed with the grace of our Lord into a learning community that serves early childhood through high school students. We are humbled by God’s faithfulness to bless our obedience to provide an education clearly rooted in Biblical philosophy and truth. Today, we rejoice in Christ’s glory together with Christian families and churches in partnership as we launch a legacy of confident, successful Christian youth.

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Dedicated to our existence as an extension of the Christian home and church, we are here to fulfill God’s commands to teach His words, and we diligently strive to guide each student to grow in excellence spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. Founded on the knowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and the Bible is the Word of God—the final authority in truth and practice, Mansfield Christian School acts as a steward in accordance. Through Godly ministry and educators who provide living examples of our curriculum, MCS stands as one pillar to provide youth with a Biblical worldview along with the other pillars of home and church.

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Why Private Education at a Christian School?

Private Christian education places the responsibility of educating children squarely on the parents, as they are ultimately accountable for their children's upbringing and the values instilled in them. Rooted in biblical principles, such education aims to cultivate godly character in children, requiring diligent effort from parents in every aspect of daily life, as emphasized in passages like Malachi 2 and Deuteronomy 6. Mansfield Christian School (MCS) emphasizes integrating Scripture into all aspects of learning, believing that a Christ-centered worldview leads to genuine wisdom and understanding. In contrast to public education, private Christian schools typically require tuition and may involve additional travel, but they offer numerous benefits, including smaller class sizes for personalized attention, enhanced safety measures, and a supportive community aligned with shared beliefs. Choosing the right educational environment for a child is a significant decision, and visiting schools like MCS can help parents discern whether it aligns with their values and priorities.

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