It has been such an honor for all four of my children to graduate from MCS. Especially for Sarah since it took many years for MCS to have a program to accommodate her. My oldest child Andrew, graduated in 1996, Nathaniel in 2000, Megan in 2011 and now Sarah in 2016. What a heritage for our family. Thank you!!

Parent - Donna Ash

Our son is new to MCS and we are beyond thankful to everyone! He has been welcomed and appreciated more than we could have ever imagine! We are honored to have our son attend MCS. Thank you and may God abundantly bless MCS!


The Christ-centered education is invaluable and the teachers love my children as if they were their own. I have complete confidence in the school when I drop my children off each day.


The most important lesson that Mansfield Christian taught me was to own my faith and let it permeate everything that I do. For too many Christians, their faith is a part of them, but it is only that - a part. Mansfield Christian taught me a different way. God is everything. Own your faith and embrace it. Allow God to shape you until He is your identity. Be 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Christians because our awesome God deserves nothing less. When we live with that kind of fire and passion in our lives - look out world, here we come!

Student Jordan Maiyer, Commencement 2014

Thank you teachers for everything you do for us on a daily basis. Thank you for your patience when we ask that age-old question, 'When am I going to use this in my life?' Thank you for your prayers and for putting prayer first in the classroom. Thank you for caring not only about our education, but our spiritual well-being. You have blessed us immensely.

Student Rachel Ballitch, Commencement 2014

Thank you for being there…I never dreamed I would find this much support!  But God led me and my family to you and Mansfield Christian School for a reason, and my heart is warmed by the amount of wonderful and truly caring people I have met thus far within the school system.  I feel more confident than ever in educating my daughter and it's due to the help and support from you and the other staff and parents at MCS and for allowing The Lord into your school.    My family has grown closer than ever and closer to the Lord than ever!  And my eyes have been opened to a new family at MCS.

- Parent

Being able to come here has meant the world to me and my life will be forever changed. I have fallen in love with this school and everything about it.

Lydia- Student

I don't know when we have felt as good about anything for our kids, MCS is well worth the drive and the time.

- Parent, Mt. Vernon

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