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Our Independent Studies program partners with parents while maintaining the freedom and flexibility of home education.

Mansfield Christian School can connect your student with all of the joys and opportunities that a private, Christian education provides.

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Your Home, Our Support

At MCS, we keep you seated squarely in the teacher’s chair while providing ready access to vital resources through our Independent Studies program. We offer tried and true curriculum for you to use, as well as enrichment supplies, such as math manipulatives to help you provide the best education for your child. Our Academic Mentors are licensed teachers who come alongside you to answer questions, offer ideas and support, accountability, and encouragement. 

Home Education Has A Home At MCS

K-12 Independent Study Opportunities at MCS

Our program provides experienced mentors to empower your teaching, assist with curriculum choices, and help ensure your students stay on track to graduate with a diploma from MCS. We provide a variety of curriculum choices and additional resources that will enrich your home education experience. We also offer support and connection that encourages families and allows your student to become involved in the Mansfield Christian community.

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Elementary K-6

Connect your home education to opportunities available at MCS. Twice a month, students participate in an enrichment school day on the MCS campus, along with other Independent Studies students. Their day consists of Art, Music, P.E., and Science classes, along with lunch and recess time with their homeschooled peers. Fifth and sixth grade students may take Band or Choir during the school day with full time MCS students for no extra charge. Monthly field trips are offered in a variety of venues to give students and parents a chance to interact with one another and learn about our community. 

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Middle School 7-8

The transition from elementary school to secondary can be a complex one. These students have reached the stage where they are ready for more responsibility, but they are still developing the maturity to handle it all. Give them a place to flex their independence with our on campus academic and extracurricular activities. Beginning in seventh grade, students are able to take up to three classes on campus during the school day, or you may choose to have your child attend an after school class in Science or English. Your child may also participate in athletics such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track. Our Independent Studies program is committed to offering students opportunities to gather with one another socially, and we are implementing new monthly clubs and activities to accomplish this. 

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High School 9-12

As your child nears the completion of their home education, it is time to think about graduation and preparing your student for the future. Our campus supplements your home education with experiences to hone skills and foster growth. Through our extracurricular and athletic experiences, students build a well rounded foundation. Your student will have the option to take CCP classes; college level classes for which they receive college credit at little to no out of pocket cost. This is a great way for students to test the waters of college while still under your protective guidance.  You can rest assured that with your Academic Mentor, you will check all the boxes so that your home education fulfills the Ohio Graduation Requirements, and your child is ready for their future endeavors.

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Partners Dedicated To Family

At MCS, we understand your dedication to your family runs deep and that you know your child best. We not only respect your choices, but we support your efforts by providing an Academic Mentor, a licensed teacher equipped to share knowledge and answer questions so that you can make solid choices about your students’ home education. From curriculum selection to books and materials, your Academic Mentor will connect you to resources that empower your teaching. Once a month, our Academic Mentor personally checks in with you to meet your needs whether you want to better understand learning strategies and goals or just need some encouragement. As a partner in your child’s learning, your Academic Mentor is an excellent resource to help you reach your educational goals for all of your students, from kindergarten through high school. 

Questions? Feel free to contact our program director, Mrs. Julie Hupp at 567-560-2061 or our program secretary, Mrs. Kim Roblin at 567-560-2076. 

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