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Mansfield Christian School is a special place. My own parents realized this in 1972 when they registered me for Kindergarten at MCS two years before I was old enough to attend! MCS has been a part of my family’s journey for over 30 years and our lives will forever be influenced by the Christian education experience.

I remember pleading with my parents in the early 1980’s to allow me to attend our local public school. I made my case with athletic and academic opportunities not then afforded at MCS, and assured them that Christian friends would be a priority so that I could remain spiritually strong. After a while, my parents finally put an end to my asking and stated firmly that my education was their responsibility before the Lord and they chose a Christian education at MCS – end of story. Looking back now, I am so grateful my parents did not leave my future in the hands of a teenager. A few years later, I met my wife, became senior class president, and built wonderful Christian friendships that will last a lifetime.

With a new appreciation for Christian education, I returned to MCS after earning my degree in education from the University of Toledo. It was during those early years as a high school history teacher that I truly began to understand the principles of teaching and learning from God’s perspective. What a joy it was to teach the students the truth about American history and government. It was so meaningful for the students to discuss current events in the context of Scripture and God’s plan for our lives. I became driven by the conviction that I must help the students understand that “In Christ, are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3).

It has been a privilege to remain at MCS and work within the leadership team as both the high school principal and superintendent. Our responsibility is great because today’s Christian children struggle with a multitude of unbelievable societal and cultural influences. The world wants their attention and will do anything to get it. My own children are at MCS and I want to make certain that there lives are filled with hope and meaning found in Christ, not the confusion created by the lack of moral absolutes found in public education.

MCS has always emphasized a family culture, that is, we value each other as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Former parents still report that they remember clearly the “family feel” at MCS. Our alumni have consistently commented that they knew the teachers at MCS genuinely cared about them – both spiritually and academically. We understand what we do best – driven by a passion to teach the truth, we provide exceptional care for every child. This concept must permeate every aspect of our school culture and we are committed to this cause.

Indeed, Mansfield Christian School is a special place. Spend a day with us and meet the outstanding people that God has called to this ministry – perhaps you too will be forever influenced by the Christian education experience!

Dr. Cy J. Smith, Superintendent, Class of 1987

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