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Student enrollment is up 30% in the last two years at MCS!

Dr. Cy Smith September 02, 2021


Student enrollment is up 30% in the last two years at MCS!

Undoubtedly, there is a resurgence of parent interest in quality private schools across America and MCS has been blessed to welcome a host of new children to our school family. National survey results are confirming what our parents have reported – they have been very satisfied with the Christian education their children have received amidst the challenges of the pandemic and the chaos of the culture.

It is no coincidence that this incredible growth is taking place as MCS celebrates its 60th anniversary in the fall of 2021! Since 1961, we have existed to partner with families and churches in educating our children to become like Christ and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Grounded in scripture since the outset, it has been our conviction that the education of children is the primary responsibility of parents. We parents will be held accountable for what our children were taught and it is a 24-7 process from birth to maturity.

As the pandemic has further exposed an educational culture that is opposed to our biblical worldview, the mission of MCS stands as a beacon of hope for Christian parents. Families have become increasingly aware that government schools are not asking for toleration of a more liberal worldview, but rather a celebration of, and agreement with, a godless worldview that runs counter to the Christian faith.

As those responsible for the education of their children, parents want their children discipled in the ways of the Lord, not led astray or held captive by the “empty philosophies” of men (Colossians 2:8). MCS was established as a “discipleship” school in 1961 to meet this need and because it is commanded in scripture as illustrated in verses such as Ephesians 6:4 - Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord.

The word “discipline” is used here because the root word, “disciple” creates the specific picture that Christ was drawing. He wanted them to understand that bringing up a child was to be like making a disciple. It meant caring for a child’s physical needs, their emotional, social, mental, and spiritual health – protecting their heart and mind. It signified all of the actions that a father takes to give his children the abilities and skills and character to live a life to the glory of God.

The purpose for education as revealed in the Scriptures is parallel to that of disciple making – to discover and live out the mind of Christ in a discerning, disciplined, and devoted way. This is the singular reason why MCS was built as a “discipleship” school. Christ-centered education can’t be separated from discipleship.

For this reason, our school theme this year is TRUE NORTH: Launching a Legacy. We desire to take what has been built (our legacy) and launch it forward into new territory. The legacy of MCS is a partnership with parents for the Godly discipleship of their children. May the Lord continue to bless our partnership as we launch a new school year and provide a vision for the future.

To hear more about the master plan at MCS and our vision for the future, plan to attend our annual school banquet on Saturday, October 23rd. Contact the Central Office for more information at ext. 200.

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