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IMPACT 2019-2020: Start Here, Impact the World

Dr. Cy Smith August 30, 2019

IMPACT 2019-2020: Start Here, Impact the World

On August 20, we welcomed just over 500 students to campus to begin a new year of outstanding education at Mansfield Christian School! God has blessed MCS with growth as enrollment is up 5.6% from last year! As we have been faithful to teach His truths diligently to our children, He has been faithful to bring quality Christian families to our school community. We are humbled by this responsibility and motivated to rely on His wisdom and strength for another great year!

 Building on the prior themes of Ignite, Innovate, and Inspire, our theme for 2019-2020 is IMPACT: Start Here, Impact the World.  This theme is taken from one of the listed outcomes that we have for students: We expect our students to be engaged in impacting the world through their unique talents and abilities. 

 We want our students to make an impact because they are different; they have received a different kind of education from the world.  They have been trained to impact the world for Christ and we don’t want them to miss a single opportunity to do so!  What is learned at MCS should NOT stay at MCS.  What is taught in our classrooms must be practiced tomorrow in our culture.  Today’s students are tomorrow’s lawyers, judges, executives, pastors, decision-makers…those who will influence society.

 In order for our students to impact the world, we must impact them and their families. We do this best when we are discipling students and developing parents.  In order to improve spiritual training, we have launched innovative approaches such as the new discipleship period for students in grades 7-12.  Students have time every day set aside for connecting with the chapel message and connecting with mentors in small groups. We have also created a campus pastor position to provide spiritual leadership and created new spiritual portfolios for students to help track evidence of spiritual growth.  For parents, we are launching our new parenting series in September entitled, “Critical Conversations” which is designed to help our families navigate the challenges of parenting the internet generation. 

 Wherever we turn today, we find people who are afraid, angry, and confused.  Their lives seem out of control and their core values are rapidly eroding…they don’t know who to believe, who to trust, and what to do with the information they see and hear.  If that is true for our children, they will not make an impact on the world.  We must make sure they have the training they need to mature from salvation to a close walk with Christ. 

 Our role in the classrooms today is not one of passing along information, rather our role is to interpret that information and help students make sense of what is going on.  This is what we do from the Biblical Worldview. We train them to see that there are answers to these problems and life doesn’t need to be as confusing as it seems.  We can trust in God and find truth in Him.

 Recently, a prominent scientist and professor and Yale University publicly rejected the theory of evolution and insisted that other scientists drop Darwin and his theories altogether…the evidence is just not there he concluded.  This truth is plain to see as we are told in Romans 1:18-20, and MCS has been teaching the truth since 1961. 

 Indeed, our students are different because they have been educated differently from the world.  They have been trained to make an IMPACT.  Please join us in praying for a wonderful year of impacting lives to impact the world!   We are BETTER TOGETHER.

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