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Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?



March 2, 2018

That first day of school is a big day for your child (and for you!). You want to make sure you’re sending them off into that new world set up for success. You want to be fully confident that they’re ready to make friends, stay safe, and start off on the right foot at the beginning of their learning adventure.

While every child develops skills at varying rates that don’t fit a perfect “formula,” certain guidelines can help you decide when it’s the right time to enroll. Yes, kindergarten is partly about numbers and letters, but it’s about so much more. As you consider enrolling your child in kindergarten, pay attention to their overall preparedness in the following areas.

Is my child physically ready?

Large motor skills 

  • Runs, jumps, and climbs outdoors
  • Bounces a ball
  • Rides a tricycle

Fine motor skills

  • Cuts with scissors
  • Writes name with one capital letter


Is my child academically ready?

  • Knows upper case letters
  • Knows lower case letters
  • Knows most letter sounds
  • Can count to 20
  • Can count objects to 10


Is my child socially and emotionally ready? 

With adults. . .

  • Can be separated from a parent without being upset
  • Can follow directions (including 2-step instructions) and routines
  • Can sit and listen to a story
  • Can ask for help

With peers. . .

  • Can play well with others
  • Shares
  • Takes turns
  • Cares about the feelings of others 


Can my child meet their personal needs without help?

  • Uses bathroom
  • Washes hands
  • Brush teeth
  • Uses a tissue to blow nose
  • Buttons and zips up shirts and pants
  • Puts on and takes off coat
  • Ties and/or puts on Velcro shoes

What about health and safety?


  • Has required shots
  • Has awareness of severe allergies (peanut, bee sting, gluten, etc.)


  • Knows own first and last name
  • Knows first and last name of parent
  • Watches for cars when crossing the street
  • Knows not to talk to strangers


What can your son or daughter check off of this list? Make it fun!

Download this kindergarten readiness chart to post to your fridge. Let your child choose stickers at the grocery store, and when they’ve achieved one of the goals on the list, they earn a sticker!

Still not sure if your child is ready?

After considering the categories of kindergarten readiness, you may still be uncertain if your child is ready. What if your child is “borderline?” Will he or she change in the next couple of months? Would it be better to wait another year? We would be happy to meet with you and discuss your questions and concerns so your child can say with confidence, “I am ready for kindergarten!”

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