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Do You Understand Your Child's Faith?



March 17, 2017




Do You Understand Your Child’s Faith?

The majority of people who trust Christ as Savior do so before they are teens.  In fact, the research shows that if children do not come to faith in Christ by the time they are teens, the likelihood begins to quickly decrease that they will do so.

This is a sobering reality in our culture and Christian schools are here to help.

The primary spiritual goal for children ages 9-11 is to receive God’s grace, if not done so already.  By this point, children at our school have learned about respect for God and spiritual wisdom (how to apply God’s Word), and now it is time to learn if they are ready for relationship. 

We can help you understand your child’s faith by walking through the important questions at school using our curriculum and daily experiences, such as: 

  • Why did Jesus die on the cross?
  • What does someone have to do to go to heaven?                                 
  • Why do you think you are a Christian?

Responses to these questions tell us a great deal about where they are at spiritually and we can work with parents to make sure that home and school are providing the support each child needs as they develop their understanding of their faith in Christ.

Teaching your children about grace is a tall order, but what could be more important?  Make sure you get it right by ensuring that your home, church, and school are on the same page at this critical time.  We can help and we will help because we are Better Together.

Premise taken from the Faith Formation Plan at Mansfield Christian School (originally based on the article, “Introducing Your Child to God” by Larry Fowler).

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