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How Do I Teach My Child to Be Wise?



February 2, 2017






How Do I Teach My Child to be Wise?

Wisdom.  We all want it for our children, but how do we teach them to be wise?

Wisdom is the ability to apply God’s Word to life situations.  Therefore, to grow in wisdom, your children must first learn God’s Word.  During those early elementary years, make teaching the Bible a part of your daily routine at home.  Read the parables and discuss the principles consistently, so that they begin to digest what they are hearing and learn to “hide God’s Word in their hearts.” 

Between the ages of 5 – 8, children are fully able to talk about questions such as:

  • Who is God? Is he active in our lives or a passive observer?  Is God what you make Him to be? 
  • What is truth? Make sure they know that THERE IS TRUTH and it is found in the Bible.
  • Who is man? They won’t appreciate the need for a Savior until they see themselves and others as sinners.
  • Who is Jesus? They will need a secure knowledge of who Jesus is and why He is the only way.

Christian schools like Mansfield Christian can help you by integrating Bible study and memorization into the daily lessons.  At age six, students at MCS memorize 20 verses in Luke 2 during the Christmas season that proclaims the truth of our salvation.  Many of our alumni remind us that they can still recite the entire passage to this day!

Children don’t become wise just listening to the opinions of adults.  Even at these young ages, they need to study from a standard that is true and they need to know where they can find the right answers.  The world [government, media, entertainment, public education] won’t give them what they need to be wise, but you can and we will help.  We are Better Together.

Premise taken from the Faith Formation Plan at Mansfield Christian School (originally based on the article, “Introducing Your Child to God” by Larry Fowler).

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