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Do You Really Want the Truth?

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December 20, 2016


Do You Really Want the Truth?


Which one means more to you – the truth or your feelings? Most people would respond that knowing the truth matters more to them than how they feel, but I’m not sure that matches how we live. Christmas is a great example. People love how Christmas makes them feel – sentimental, grateful, caring and generous. Yet, most people avoid the truth at Christmas – this is a celebration of the birth of God’s Son and the beginning of His plan to redeem mankind. 

Our feelings and emotions are wonderful and powerful, but because they can change in an instant for a variety of reasons, it is dangerous to build your life upon them by allowing them to guide your direction. Young people in school often make decisions based upon their feelings – they influence their friendships, grades, response to teachers, or even whether something is fun.  These things, as common and unstable as they often are during adolescence, still seriously impact their day-to-day decision making. Students need parents to help them make decisions based on truth.  

Don’t avoid the truth about education just to keep good feelings. Christian education is built on truth.  If that means something to you, then step up and give them an education that matters – because Truth Matters.  Your children will learn by your example that their feelings are important, but a life built on the truth is a life built for eternity. 

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