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Raising your Child To Follow Christ



June 13, 2016


Raising Your Child to Follow Christ

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking about Christian education to audiences at both Crossroads and Berean; two large and well-respected churches in our community.  I briefly described the process by which we help parents train their children to follow Christ.  At MCS, this process is called “spiritual formation” and is one of our core values.  We are currently working to document our plan at the primary, intermediate, and high school levels, so that families can see just how Christian education addresses their child’s need for spiritual growth. 

I came across an excellent article linked here that speaks to this very topic.  It identifies what they call “spiritual markers” at the various years of schooling, from early childhood (PreK – K) to high school.  These spiritual markers are biblical principles to focus on with your children that will make sense to them because they are age appropriate, and designed with a child’s natural development in mind. 

What I most appreciate about this article is that it affirms exactly what we do at MCS!  Using our Bible curriculum, the chapel times, extracurricular activities, clubs, mentoring experiences, retreats, etc., we intentionally help you raise your child to follow Christ by focusing on their spiritual formation – marked by the principles of respect, wisdom, grace, trust, and perspective.  Enjoy.

Dr. Cy J. Smith
Mansfield Christian School
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