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4 Essential Questions to Ask When Considering the Right School For Your Family



January 29, 2016






Choosing the right school is a family decision. Because schooling consumes so much time and energy, the entire family (and often the extended family) becomes closely connected to the school community. For 13 or 14 years, your family will attend countless school events and activities. In all likelihood, both you and your children will develop close friendships with the people around you. It will be an extremely important time for your family and it should be a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Have you seen the humorous commercial for Direct TV featuring the “Settlers” as a family? They “settle” for cable and seem to be living years behind their neighbors. Just like your choices in entertainment, you have choices in education and Christians should consider this decision from God’s perspective. You don’t have to “settle” for the closest government school. Here are four essential questions to ask when considering the right school for your family:

1. What exactly will they be teaching my children?

At Mansfield Christian, we believe the education of your children must be based on God’ Word as absolute truth. The Bible remains the most important book in the education of your children, because without it, education is nothing more than the blind leading the blind. The curriculum at MCS is built upon God’s truth and the learning standards are aligned with a Biblical worldview.

2. How does the school respect my authority as a parent and work with the family in the best interest of the child?

At Mansfield Christian, we believe the education of children is the primary responsibility of parents. You are accountable for what your children are taught in school, so what they are learning should be a direct extension of your parental views. The culture at MCS is designed to support the Christian family and reinforce what you are teaching them at home.

3. What are the values of this school community and how do they influence the daily environment?

At Mansfield Christian, we believe that children do not grow spiritually stronger in a negative Christian environment, or by being taught non-Christian thinking. They will develop and mature spiritually when their home, church, and school are training them to understand all of life from God’s perspective. MCS is a close community of believers who share Christian values as we raise our children together.

4. Will this school prepare my child to follow Christ – however they may be designed and whatever may be their interests?

At Mansfield Christian, we believe that true wisdom and knowledge is found in Christ alone. Christian education prioritizes the process by which children become more fully like Christ. Your children are gifts from the Lord and you want them trained to know Him and walk closely with Him. MCS was built to inspire students to know Christ and make Him known; there is no greater purpose.

Choosing the right school is indeed a family decision. Take the time to think this through and pray that God would give you the wisdom to go where He is leading. This decision is too big and the implications are too far-reaching to take this lightly and settle for something that may be outside of God’s plan.


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