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The Best Part of the Christmas Holiday Season



December 4, 2015

The attention given to our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the best part of the Christmas holiday season.


One of the central blessings of working at a Christian school is the privilege to focus on the significance of the birth of Christ in December. In fact, it is more than a privilege; it is a responsibility of the highest importance. The amazing story of how God saves us from our sin and restores our relationship with Him so that we may experience His presence for eternity, begins with the birth of His Son, Jesus.


This Christmas and throughout the year, we are exploring the life of Jesus to understand a proper perspective of mentoring. Jesus used a very personal approach during his ministry on earth. He often turned away from the large, eager crowds to invest time in 12 ordinary men. In just three short years, He trained the disciples to lead a movement that would forever change the course of human history.


Using Jesus’ approach as a guide, our teachers and leaders want to do whatever is needed to bring these students to a real understanding of purpose, truth, and influence. We not only want to recognize teachable moments, but we want to plan for training experiences that move our students to extraordinary levels of influence. We want them to be disciples now, so that they will be leaders later.


We know that this will only work if we have a highly credible and spirit-filled teaching staff. Are they capable? Read the remarks that a team of outside educators from ACSI wrote in their school accreditation report following three days at MCS in October:

            “The observers saw repeated evidence of teachers working individually with students, providing

positive feedback, maintaining an on-task classroom and keeping high expectations. Numerous examples of going beyond expectations in order to serve the educational interests of the students were noted…There is also a strong shared belief that all children are created in God’s image and deserve caring Christian teachers.”


Our teachers are not only capable, they are extraordinary! What a blessing it is to see this confirmed by other professionals trained to recognize quality education. As we close the calendar year, this is an excellent time to thank our teachers, staff, and leaders for their commitment to training and mentoring our children.   These employees serve below market wages because they are called to this mission – they sacrifice and give faithfully of their time and talents because they realize the importance of purpose, truth, and influence.

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