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If you teach it, they will learn.

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September 30, 2015

If you teach it, they will learn.

Believe it or not, your children really do hear what you say! As a matter of fact, they even believe you and trust you. They will learn what you are teaching them at home, just as they are learning what we are teaching them at school.

This month, I have included a link to an excellent article from Focus on the Family that gives practical and realistic ideas for sharing spiritual truths with your children. I know from experience how hard it can be to find a time for family devotions, so these simple suggestions are great advice. Even though we are busy, it doesn’t mean we care any less…we still want our kids to have a heart for God.

For our family, bedtime prayer was and still is our best time to “debrief” about the day and look at everything that happened from God’s perspective. Then we make sure that our prayers together focus on our relationship with God and what we know to be true from His Word. This simple act communicates a great deal to our children about how they understand the challenges of life.

The article also reminded me of a story one of our young parents told me recently. She overheard her three daughters playing “school” one afternoon in their room and decided to check out the lesson Walking into the pretend classroom, she noticed that two of her daughters and all of their dolls, were sitting at their desks paying close attention to the teacher. What most struck Mom however, was that her oldest daughter was teaching a Bible lesson that she had learned at school that day. She thought, of all the subjects her daughter felt most comfortable with teaching to others, it was the Bible lesson that had the lasting impact. She then told me how grateful she was that her girls were getting a Christian education.

If you teach it, they will learn.

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