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September 1, 2015

Every family has a story…welcome to ours!

I want to welcome you to our family and welcome you to our story. The story of MCS is amazing…a small school that began in a church basement in 1961 has been used powerfully by the Lord to become one of the premier Christian schools in the country. What a privilege it has been to educate thousands of students for God’s glory and impact the world for cause of Christ!

Your story is also incredible and now it is interwoven with MCS. I can tell you that your story will be forever impacted by your decision to send your child to a Christian school. Let me give you three examples that are fresh in my mind.

We took our first born son to college the weekend before school began this year. What an exciting, but exhausting experience! In all of his searching and college visits, he said he was looking for a university that was a lot like MCS – same values, same culture, types of teachers, etc. He wanted to attend a school where he knew he would belong and where he knew he would be part of a strong Christian community. After 13 years at MCS, he knew why he was here and what was important. As a matter of fact, he used money from his birthday over the summer to buy the textbooks we use at MCS in the senior Bible class. Incidentally, almost 30 years ago I took my Bible Notebook from MCS with me to college. Our stories will always be connected to MCS.

If you attended the Parent Orientation event this year, you heard the heartfelt story of new parent, Dr. Scott Van Loo and his connection to MCS. Scott’s family lived in Bellville next door to his grandparents when he attended MCS. Soon after returning home from basketball practice one evening, dark clouds and high winds indicated a tornado was fast approaching. Both families rushed to the basement and only seconds later, emerged to find their homes devastated by tornado damage. What Scott remembers most significantly however, was the immediate response of the families at MCS who came to help. As a young person, the powerful witness of our school community rallying to aid his family made a lasting impression on his faith. His family’s story will always be connected to MCS.

Finally, it was inspiring to watch our alumni rally around alumnus David Robinson (’97) during his battle with cancer. Specifically, one of David’s classmates, John Stauffer, is now a surgeon living in Jacksonville, Florida. John sees hundreds of cancer patients every year and was eager to help David in any way possible. Over a one year period, John spent countless hours communicating with David and his doctor’s in Ohio to help decide the best course for treatment. John’s ability to provide insight and intervention, along with his care for David was a tremendous blessing to the Robinson family. The stories of their families will always be connected to MCS.

Thousands of families have such stories and it is always exciting to watch how the Lord will work in our lives. I heard a speaker recently remark, “You may be one relationship away from changing the course of your destiny.” Choosing to send your children to MCS is the type of relationship that God may very well use to unfold His plan for your life. After all, we educate with eternity in mind.

Thank you for a great start to a new school year at MCS!

Dr. Cy J. Smith, Superintendent

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