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Fine Arts

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program is designed to engage  all of our students, inviting them to actively participate in creating artwork under the guidance of our talented faculty. Regardless of their perceived ability or initial confidence, we encourage all of our students to discover the joy of creative expression. Our programs offer specialized classes in areas such as painting/drawing, ceramics, and textiles, providing students with focused instruction and the chance to explore various mediums.

Additionally, we provide numerous venues for students to showcase their work, including on-campus exhibits and local gallery displays. Furthermore, students from elementary through secondary levels have the opportunity to compete annually in local art festivals, gaining valuable experience and exposure for their artistic endeavors. With our visual arts program, we're committed to fostering creativity and providing students with opportunities to explore and develop their artistic talents. Join us in embracing the world of artistic expression!

Musical Arts - Band

At MCS, students are encouraged to start their musical journey in band as early as 5th grade, with opportunities to continue through to their senior year. The school offers classes tailored to different age groups, including 5th-6th grade band, junior high, and high school. This sequential approach allows students to build upon their musical skills and knowledge as they progress through their academic years, fostering a deep appreciation for music and providing them with valuable opportunities for artistic expression and personal growth.


Musical Arts - Choir

At MCS, we nurture and support students' passion for singing from an early age. Beginning as early as Kindergarten, students are immersed in music classes, setting the stage for their musical journey. As they progress through their academic years, students have the opportunity to join the 5th-6th grade choir, advancing to the Jr. High Choir, and ultimately High School Choir. Our High School Choir not only hones their talents through regular rehearsals but also showcases their skills in local and state competitions, fostering growth and excellence.

For those seeking a deeper commitment to musical ministry, students can audition for IMAGE, our elite choral group. IMAGE members not only refine their musical abilities but also serve the community by leading worship in area churches and participating in community events, while serving the Lord.


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