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College Information

NACCAP - North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals

FAFSA - All students and parents must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Career Toolkit from NCSC- Career Coach lets you explore local employment so you can get a better handle on job activity and target good careers.

College Board - Find colleges, learn about financial aid and use expert college planning tools.

SchoolSoup - Where students can quickly and easily browse through scholarships by a variety of categories (Major, Athletics, Religion, Disability, State, College, ect.).

Online Colleges Database - Find colleges and universities near you.

Veritas Prep- The Ultimate Guide to College Prep

The Princeton Review- A searchable college database of over 600 colleges and universities.

Fastweb! - Paying for school just got easier. Your FREE scholarship search solution.

College Prep; SAT and ACT Test Preparation Tips and Resources

Note Taking Tips for Students

College Prepartory Classes:

  • An average o 90% of each graduating class goes to college to further their education.
  • Students have received merit scholarships to various colleges.
  • 53% of the class of 2015 have taken courses for college credit during high school.
  • 8 college courses are offered at MCS for college credit in our post secondary offerings.These are offered by qualified MCS staff or by adjunct professors who come to campus.
  • MCS students have graduated with an average of 18 semester college hours to transfer to the school of his/her choice over the last 5 years.