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Purpose and Core Values

Defining the Purpose and Core Values


MCS Purpose

To assist the Christian home and church by teaching solid academics rooted in a Biblical worldview.


MCS Mission

Mansfield Christian School exists as an extension of the Christian home and church to fulfill God’s commands to teach His words “diligently unto our children.” Our foundation rests upon acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the Bible as the Word of God – the final authority in truth and practice. We strive to assist each student to grow in excellence spiritually, academically, socially, and physically through the godly ministry and example of teachers, administrators, board members, and staff. We serve with the cooperation of parents who support us through their prayers and involvement in the activities of Mansfield Christian School.

MCS Vision

Mansfield Christian School is committed to training future generations to live a life consistent with a Biblical worldview.

Core Values

  1. Partnership with families – We team with responsible and appropriately engaged Christian families and their churches in educating their children to become like Christ and preparing them to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives (Deut. 6:7).
  2. Biblical worldview – Scripture is the revealed Word of God and is taught as Truth, which is then integrated into learning experiences throughout the school (2 Tim. 3:16-17).
  3. Caring Christian Educators – The governing body, administration, faculty and staff are committed followers of Christ. The teachers are the living curriculum in the classroom and model a Christian life consistently and provide exceptional care for every child (Phil. 3: 16017).
  4. Spiritual Formation – We equip and inspire each student to live and serve as a spiritually mature follower of Christ. We prioritize the process by which Christian students become more fully unity to Christ, especially with regard to maturity of life and calling (Rom. 12:1-2).
  5. Excellence – Continuous improvement and the ursuit of excellence underlies all that we do academically, creatively, and athletically. It is our goal to help each student, faculty, and staff member achieve his or her very best (Phil. 1:9-10).

The mission, vision, and core values were carefully examined in 2014 to ensure that we [MCS] are able to clearly define the desired organizational culture. Consequently, we identified the employee behaviors that must be a part of our culture for movement from paper to practice. Further, we identified essential questions for reflection that clearly drive behavior and communicate priorities.

Value – Partnership with Families

Behavior – Collaborate and Communicate

Essential Questions – Where am I collaborating with families? Have I communicated everything that the parent needs to know?

Value – Biblical Worldview

Behavior – Know and Show [the Truth]

Essential Questions – So what? Why does this matter?

Value – Caring Christian Educators

Behavior – Make Them Your Own

Essential Questions – Do they know I love them? Do they know I care?

Value – Spiritual Formation

Behavior – Live It and Give It

Essential Questions – How am I growing spiritually that can be modeled for my students? Who will this child become?

Value – Excellence

Behavior – Make It Better

Essential Questions – How can I make this better than yesterday? What am I doing personally to make MCS better organizationally?



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