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We're all in this together!

We want the learning experience at home to be engaging, relational and challenging. What a unique way to learn together! Classes will be taught both live and then recorded. Do your very best to attend each one and not fall behind.

Stay connected to your teachers! Please reach out to them with questions, concerns or feedback. 

Please be patient with grading and assessments. We are working on the best methods to evaluate students and we know we may need to make adjustments to 4th quarter grades to be fair and realistic. 


Frequently Asked Questions regarding COVID-19.


All School (PreK-12) FAQs:

Q.  How can a parent/guardian view their child’s assignments?

A.  Assignments can be viewed on the student’s Google Classroom or in FACTS.  Parents can log into Google Classroom with their child’s login information. 

Q.  How can a parent/guardian view their child’s grades?

A.  Student grades are posted in FACTS under the Parent Portal

Q.  Will students resume classes at the school building in May?

A.  Gov. DeWine has ordered distance learning for the remainder of this academic year.

Q. When will the school year end?

A.  The last day of school is Friday, May 22 for all students K-11.

Q.  I heard something about pass/fail grading options for schools.  What is MCS doing?

A.  Grading will continue with the same grading scale.  Teachers are modifying their normal grading practices in response to the change in the current learning format.

Q.  I’ve heard that the State of Ohio is no longer requiring students to take standardized tests this year.  Will they be given at some point in the future?

A.  Standardized tests will not be given in April, May or this summer.  Administrators are considering giving assessments in the fall as a diagnostic tool. 

Q.  Who should we contact about Chromebook or technology issues?

A.  Please email Mr. Mickey Hood.

Q.  How will students gather their belongings and return textbooks and Chromebooks?

A.  Administrators are working on a plan for students to safely enter the building to retrieve items and to return school-owned materials.

Q.  Is there anyone at the school building to help me get something from my student’s locker or desk?

A.  Yes, some employees are at the school but hours vary.  The best way to assure that someone is there is to contact Mrs. Easterling or email Mrs. Stigall to arrange for a time to retrieve the needed items.

Q.  When is the first day of school next year? Will students be back on campus?

A.  The first day of school for the 2020/21 school year is Tuesday, August 25, 2020.  It is our hope to be on campus together next school year.  

 Elementary FAQs:

Q.  How is the third-grade reading test and reading guarantee affected?

A. Third-grade reading tests are not required this year to complete the third grade reading guarantee.  The elementary principal will determine appropriate grade level promotions in consultation with teachers.


                                                                                                                                                 Jr. High/High School FAQs:

Q.  Will secondary students take End-of-Course exams?

A.  No, End-of-Course exams will not be administered to students this spring.  In addition, seniors lacking graduation points may graduate upon successful completion of the school year and upon recommendation of the high school principal.

 Q.  How can I obtain a copy of my senior’s transcript?

A.  Contact Mrs. Mecurio or Mrs. Eder and a transcript can be prepared and mailed. 

Q.  Will high school students have semester final exams?

A.  No, students will not be taking regular final exams.  However, teachers have the option to administer a final test at the end of the quarter.

 Q.  Are there any changes to CCP class grading or credit requirements?

A.  No, CCP class grading and credit requirements have not undergone any changes other than they have been moved to an online setting.




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