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CLEP Classes

New High School Offerings

In an effort to challenge our students and to strengthen our academic program, MCS has sought out opportunities for students to be challenged and further prepared for the continuance of their academic careers at the college level.  One program we are looking to take advantage of is the CLEP program offered by the College Board. CLEP stands for College Level Entrance Placement. This program allows students to take tests that, if passed at a certain level, will allow students to ‘test out’ of classes at the college level. Any credits allocated by CLEP testing will be determined by the receiving college. In a study of Ohio and ten surrounding states, there are 768 colleges that accept CLEP credit, making the program attractive for MCS to explore. Some classes will be taught next year with an eye towards students passing the CLEP test in the respective discipline in the spring. These classes are:

1)      Calculus
2)      Pre-calculus
3)      Advanced Chemistry (NEW!)

These classes can only be entered by meeting the prerequisits listed on the course registration form.  Please see, call, or e-mail Mr. DeLaney, with any questions

Taking the CLEP exam- how, when, and how much.